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From grandpa\'s lathe to 3D printers: Saskatoon Makerspace offers tools, collaboration in new workshop

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Devon Pratt remembers sitting in his grandfather\'s woodworking shop and finishing his latest project on his lathe.
Decades later, the same lathe, along with newer equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutting machines, was in the Saskatoon business at Plett.
\"He taught me everything I knew.
\"It\'s really cool to have his lathe and workbench for others to use.
\"Plett is the owner of Saskatoon Makerspace.
Like other \"maker spaces\" in the country, this is a work space with a laboratory nature, and a monthly fee for visiting seminars is charged.
Makerspace, which took off at reginnew Makerspace at Millennium Library, provides sound booths, 3D printers for the Creative Foundation
Recently moved to a new location on D Avenue.
And will celebrate the grand opening there on Saturday.
It dates back to Plett\'s high school years.
He and his friends started their own skateboarding company using school equipment.
\"When I left, I couldn\'t reach these things anymore,\" Plett said . \".
Eventually, he heard about makerspaces all over the country.
\"I think, \'This is the same as I think.
\"Let\'s achieve that,\" he said . \"
Although the use of materials is the main attraction, users also like the sense of community from the workshop.
The new \"Makerspace\" will provide a 3D printer, the laser cutting machine for launching ideasYukonstruct will open the new building, which is close to the capacity of Makerspace Kwartzlab, user Jonah Friesen said the move is scheduled to take place in early 2019, \"We have a lot of different people here, a lot of stories and skills. \".
\"Every day is very different from everyone else.
\"Other members of the workshop have started their own business. Plett\'ssister-in-
Legal Shanelle is part of a company that makes household goods such as bowls and clocks in concrete.
They do all the goods in Makerspace.
\"We did a lot of 3D printing and created our products in this way,\" she said . \".
\"We can start from scratch and do whatever we want.
Plett says Makerspace is ultimately an economic way for people to start building things.
\"You have to work in a wood shop for 20-
Also, in the years before you bought the basic tools for $50 a month, \"he said.
\"It\'s not even about maintaining them or something like that.
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