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polish 3d printer maker zortrax hungry for fresh funds

by:Tuowei     2019-09-02
WARSAW (Reuters)-
Zortrax, a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers, has expanded rapidly after U. S. landmarks. S.
Orders, are advancing financing plans that may include listing, and creating hi-tech economy.
Zortrax was founded in December, but has grown at an alarming rate and is completing orders for tech giant Dell 4331 as planned.
On an annual basis, the price of 5,000 M200 desktop printers is HK-
End al Tomasiak said in an interview with Reuters.
This, along with thousands of orders from retail customers for a $1,899 machine, means the company\'s revenue in the northeastern city of Olsztyn is soaring.
Tomasiak said that Zortrax\'s share of the 3D printer market is growing at a rate of several percent per year, \"and we are growing at a similar rate . \".
To help fund the expansion, the company launched a Phase I bond, which will close on Thursday and will consider stock issuance.
\"Of course we will consider listing,\" Tomasiak said on the sidelines of the design fair on the Warsaw Stock Exchange . \" He added that he had rejected the offer for the acquisition of two larger competitors.
\"I thank investors for their trust in us and will keep that in mind --
If it is a public offering, we will repay this favor. ” A 29-
Nokia NOK1V former technical graduate.
His employee, Tomasiak, won a code cracking contest organized by a once iconic Finnish company at the age of 18.
Now, he may be able to help realize the dream of Regional Development Minister elzbietta Bienkowska, who told Reuters last fall that she hoped --
With the help of billions of euro structural funds in the EU
Nokia, Poland.
This is the challenge Tomasiak will like.
\"Of course, our goal is to be number one in such companies and we will do everything we can to achieve that.
\"We are on our own path and we are eager for this success,\" said Tomasiak . \".
The Polish Bureau of Statistics estimates that sales in the information and communications technology sector in Poland in 2012 amounted to approximately 126 billion zloty, accounting for 8% of GDP.
Tomasiak said Zortrax has not used the EU\'s Structural Funds so far, but it does not rule out doing so in the future.
At the same time, it plans to raise $3.
Three 3 million from public sale-year bonds.
Invista DM brokerage, which is making an offer, said the subscription will end on Thursday.
It sold bonds worth £ 1.
2 million zlotys ($393,800)
In a private placement earlier this year, $180,000 was raised in the crowd last year --
The website is funded by Kickstarter.
Some of Zortrax\'s competitors have reached astronomical valuations, including Voxeljet (VJET. N)
Trade at forward price-
According to Thomson Reuters, the earnings ratio is 468.
Last year, Stratasys Co. , Ltd. , an industrial 3D printer manufacturer (SSYS. O)
Announced the purchase of consumer-peer MakerBot in stock trading worth more than $0. 4 billion.
But Zortrax is not interested in cash now.
\"Only when we become the leader of SOHO will we consider selling the company (
Small office in Home Office)and SMB (
Small and medium-sized-sized business)
Tomasiak says he is \"very patriotic\" and thinks Poland is the best place to live.
M200 printer-
The flagship product that the company has spent more than two years designing-
Although he said Zortrax was also \"in beta version with some orders (our)
Printers including Stihl, a German tool maker.
HP executivesPackard Co (HPQ. N)
One of the global leaders in standard paper printers, it is estimated that global sales of 3D printers and related software and services will grow from $2 to nearly $11 billion by 2021.
2012 2 billion. The U. S.
Earlier this month, the company said it would outline plans to enter the commercial 3D market in June.
Zortrax is also developing new products.
It plans to launch a smaller printer M120 with the goal of Micro
In the next few months.
At the end of this year, Zortrax also wanted to show a prototype of a resin printer.
\"Resin printers will enable us to enter very interesting segments such as jewelry and medicine,\" said Tomasiak . \".
\"This printer will be able to create a matrix on which to grow human tissues, organs and print bone implants.
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