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Prints and the revolution

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
The world we know is about to change.
In fact, the world we know is changing.
The agent for this change is a 3D printer.
This is almost an example of a repeat of history.
Just as the emergence of the original printing press in the second half of the 16 th century changed Europe and the world later, 3D printing will also change . . . . . . Well, everything.
3D printing is not fresh.
It has been around for most of 30 years and is used by designers to create prototypes quickly and easily.
But in the past decade, driven by better technology, more appropriate and diverse materials, media interest and genuine desire to explore possibilities and open up new fields-it is unlimited, transformative and even revolutionary potential now implementation.
How will 3D printing completely change manufacturing? First of all, 3D printing will change the quality
Become a thing of the past.
As BBC global business reporter Peter Day said in this wonderful article: \"Henry Ford\'s production line has been an overwhelming model of manufacturing in the past 100.
This advantage will soon be replaced by something more personalized, localized, and flexible.
\"It has already happened overseas.
In New York, for example, a company called shapeway receives data from customers over the Internet, then prints out the product using its 3D printer library and ships it back to customers.
You can even buy 3D printing products from the same company, from white nylon plastic tea
Gold lamp holder-plated, brass-
Harry Potter golden thief.
Sadly they haven\'t mastered the Goblet of Fire yet, but hey, you have to start somewhere . . . . . . Does such an enterprise have a long time
The term future remains to be seen.
Currently, the cost of a 3D printer ranges from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the best models that are truly eye-poppingdropping, awe-
Exciting print output.
Obviously this is beyond the price range of most people.
But considering that the world\'s first mobile phone, Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, sold for about $10,000 when it was released in 1983 (adjusted in today\'s currency based on inflation), in the coming years, 3D printers are not difficult to become household goods.
In fact, bring technological advances in 3D printing to their sci-
The Fi conclusion is that when replacing a 3D printer, you can print the replaced 3D printer using a 3D printer.
Technically, this means that machines can breed.
It also means all of our madness.
The fantasy/nightmare of Blade Runner/Terminator is about to come true.
But does that mean you can print your own craft before printing your dreams? Of course, it may be tempting to laugh at such ideas.
After all, as it stands, what we are closest to achieving such a crazy but wonderful dream is 3D.
The printed beer cup in the video above has a certain novelty value, but it is difficult to win the aesthetic award, not to mention the taste, body, taste balance, choice of hops, etc.
However . . . . . . 3D printing has had an impact in the field of beer production. A team of self-Complete description
Part-time beer drinkers
Time engineer has created Robokeg-an automatic bartender, the perfect solution to serve customers at a high levelTraffic incident.
Essentially, as shown above, you can be in a nightclub where there is an unmanned beer faucet (preferably something from the James Squire craft beer collection ).
You speak to the tap with your smartphone, pay for the beer, and then pour wine for you automatically by 3D
Printing Agency.
You can see a demo here.
Also, mobile using 3D is in progress
Printing technology makes the brewing process faster and more efficient, while a quick scan of the home brewing Forum shows that 3D printing begins to be used to produce products such as filament extruder and Hopper.
In addition, if the technology can already produce a 3D printed liver, a 3D printed face or even a 3D printed pizza, if 3D printed craft beer-each beer has a subtle difference in the best traditions of brewing experiments and exploration-will soon come to the brave new world around you, don\'t be surprised.
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