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Prototype factory-Fuel injection with dust-free workshop and American technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-12- 10 17: 13

Miss Li of Guangzhou is the purchase of an electronic product company. She needs to make a prototype to test the structure of the product, so she searches the Internet. 'Prototype factory' Contact tuowei model, and talk to her about Xiao Zhu, the customer service of the network department. Since the prototype needs to look at the drawings for quotation, Xiao Zhu asked Miss Li's contact information, I transferred it to the factory worker of the business department.

The factory worker talked very speculative with Miss Li, so I took the opportunity to ask what kind of needs Miss Li has. Miss Li told him that she had also found other prototype factories on the internet before. Before, she chose a low-priced manufacturer to cooperate due to the consideration of price. As a result, the prototype surface received was Dusty, it is also easier to lose paint, and the boss is not satisfied, so she is asked to find a more powerful prototype factory.

Miss Li also learned some about the extension model through the Internet, with 17 years of experience in prototype customization, not only has the dust-free workshop been set up, but also the US fuel injection technology has been introduced. It should be a good prototype factory and soon send the drawings to the quotation, after some communication, Miss Li confirmed the order.

few days later, Miss Li received the prototype sent by the extension model, it was found that the surface treatment effect was really good. In the follow-up time, Miss Li often used the project of appearance prototype to do the extension model. If you need to find a powerful appearance prototype factory, look at the extension model.

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