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Prototype factory with connotation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-08- 08 11: 19

prototype model is very important for enterprises that make products! Customers will often visit Tuowei model in the near future! Also won a lot of customers! The world economy is now tense, but there are still so many people who choose to cooperate with the model factory of tuowei prototype. Why?

because the extension model has this strength to retain these customers! The extension model is very professional both in terms of service and processing technology! The requirements for customers are implemented within an acceptable range! After all, meet is fate! Moreover, if every customer is served well, the customer will bring new customers who need to make prototype models to the manufacturer!

The strength of the extension model is increasing every year, strive to go in a better direction, established in 2001, has 18 years of processing history! Experienced in production, and technical consultants can answer many questions! There are also processing equipment, from the beginning of several machines developed into more than 50 processing equipment so far! There are also a few rare 5-axis machining equipment! Therefore, prototypes that cannot be processed by other prototype model manufacturers can be realized in the extension model!

there are services, as a prototype model manufacturer with connotation, naturally, it is also customer-oriented and will report the production situation to customers in real time! Let customers not worry so much! Therefore, if you need to make a model, the extension will be a good choice for you!

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