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Prototype model manufacturing, can not choose low-cost manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-09- 12 20: 22

when making prototype model manufacturing, some customers can't stand the temptation due to limited economic strength, and will always choose a low-cost prototype model factory. It is not recommended that you choose a low-cost prototype manufacturer. This will not only affect the quality of the prototype, but also affect the innovation of the industry. There are two possibilities for low-cost owners, poor material and poor quality.

each industry is divided into low, medium and high grade products, the prototype industry is no exception, and the positioning of each prototype model manufacturer is also different. The prototype price is high and low, and the quotation between different prototype suppliers is sometimes very different. At this point, there is no advantage for large prototype factories. Compared to the small workshops of a few people, they have to make the machine work, as long as there is a single, regardless of the price.

Here is a real case for everyone: customer originally intended to prototype the extension model, but because a small prototype factory was willing to give it to him at a price lower than 20% of the extension model, the customer chose the small prototype factory. However, at the time of the exhibition, the small prototype factory could not deliver the goods on time, resulting in missing the exhibition, wasting the booth fee, and being fired by the company. Although the price of such a prototype model manufacturer is low, is the quality guaranteed? It is precisely because the threshold of this industry is low, there are many manufacturers, and the market price is thus disrupted, so some customers will feel that the price difference is too far.

so if you need to make a prototype model, you can't choose a low-cost prototype factory.

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