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Prototype Model processing plant-Undertake a difficult prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-08- 19 11: 21

Mr. Zhou of Hubei is the purchasing manager of an enterprise. He resigned for various reasons and rushed to work in a new enterprise in Shenzhen, still as a purchasing manager, the first job in a new enterprise is to find a good prototype model processing factory. Mr. Zhou has consulted many prototype factories and said that he can't do this prototype model, therefore, Mr. Zhou contacted the extension model directly.

The accuracy of this prototype model to be customized by Mr. Zhou is ±0. About 03mm, and there are many small details. It is not very good for production and processing. If you don't care about it, you will report the fee. Therefore, the prototype model processing factory without strength is really afraid of receiving the order. Fortunately, Tuowei is an 18-year prototype manufacturer. The processing equipment in the production workshop is imported processing equipment and five-axis machine. The working experience of the prototype master is about 8 years, therefore, the extension of this prototype model for Mr. Zhou can still be acceptable. Although Mr. Zhou changed his enterprise work, he had a good understanding of the extension model. In the case that he had cooperated so many times before, he still chose the extension after changing the enterprise, this is also enough to show the strength of Taowei.

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