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Prototype of plastic parts-Order after looking at the factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-05- 21 08:17

few days ago, a Miss Xu searched the internet for a plastic piece prototype to find the extension model company and initiated an inquiry. The lady is trying to make a few new plastic prototypes. Because there are many styles, the effect and delivery of the prototype appearance are relatively strict.

although at that time, Miss Xin, the salesman, told the miss about the extension model the strength of making plastic parts prototypes, but Miss Xu is still not at ease. So the next day I came to the extension model with another colleague. Miss Xin, the relevant salesman, warmly received the customer and accompanied the customer to visit various departments. I mainly looked at the post-processing process for a long time. Polishing, polishing, laser carving, electroplating, water crossing, fuel injection and so on. When they saw the dust-free workshop and the American technical director of the extension model to guide the process of fuel injection, it was very recognized by the strength of the extension model company.

because there are very few dust-free workshops in prototype factories, the model also invited the technical director of the United States. They believe that the model can prototype their plastic parts. So I made the order. few days later, Miss Xu got several big orders at the exhibition. So it became the repeat customer of the extension model.

so, want to make a prototype of a plastic piece of one or more styles, you can learn about the model company. The company has a processing history of nearly 18 years. You are welcome to disturb! If you are interested, you can contact customer service on the right side!

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