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Prototype service-Meet your custom needs

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-04- 26 08: 05

people now pay special attention to personality and hope that their things can be different. In the prototype service, private customization is very popular. You can customize the style you like, so it will not appear so popular. Before there were so many prototypes, all the products were basically similar. But it's different now. Now there is a new type of five-axis machining. Compared with the three-axis machine, the internal structure of the prototype can be processed more complicated. And the accuracy is higher. As long as you provide drawings and the internal structure is reasonable, there is no prototype sample that cannot be customized.

There was a Mr. Jiang before, he has a robot that wants a private customization. He has found several prototype factories that can be customized privately. But the structure of the robot is a little more complicated, but none of them can do what he wants. I heard that the prototype of the extension model is not bad. So let's try the extension model. After the discussion between the salesman Miss Xin and Mr. Jiang, the five-axis machining is adopted, and the accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm. This meets the needs of customers. Mr. Jiang was very happy with the results of the prototype service Discussion. At least he finally found a responsible company. So, next, we will discuss the production plan with the programming department. Then it started. After three days of production, the prototype was completed. After sending the prototype to the customer's hand, the customer was also very satisfied with the appearance. After a few days, he told the salesman that the accuracy was also very good. He liked the robot very much.

because Mr. Jiang is very satisfied with the prototype service of the extension model, so he also introduced some other customers to do the extension model. What he needs to customize himself will also find the extension model, which is very happy to gain the trust of customers!

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