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2007: Top 10 technology videos

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
From smooth slotting robots to revolutionary desktop manufacturers, from prosthetic fins to liquids with their own lives, 2007 has thrown more eyes
More than ever before, technology videos have exploded.
So to give you an idea of the most visited segments of the year, here are the 10 most popular segments listed in reverse order & colons; 10.
The \"transparent\" gadget can go beyond the iPhone interface, which is a clever handheld interface that beats the normal touch screen.
Its back is embedded with a touchpad, not a touchpad on the screen, promising to help remove ugly stains and prevent clumsy fingers from blurring the user\'s view. 9.
The Tripedal robot starts to act on the 9 th, which is an amazing robot balancing action. The three-
The leg robot in this clip looks like a tripod alien from the H. G. Wells World War, with a very unique way of walking around.
It deliberately falls forward, turning the body over 180 degrees, swinging one leg between the other two legs and restoring balance.
This efficient way of moving is ideal for exploring other planets.
At least the same is true of American researchers who built it. 8.
Rhythmic robots can shake your world, and the theme of continuing robots is persistence. this is a robot created by American and Japanese researchers. he stole people\'s hearts with affectionate dance movements.
Since we first wrote about Keepon, he has started to play in his own music video and in countless YouTube spin-off videos. 7.
Next, this is another robot video, albeit a super robot developed by Wei.
Shen Min and his colleagues at the University of Southern California have a set of tricks to shame others.
To move around, modular robots can convert themselves into confusing arrays of various shapes.
Various videos show that it rolls like a wheel, moves slowly like a caterpillar, and even walks on two legs like a human being. 6.
The last person from Atlanta, a video without a robot appeared.
This wearable
Like a device developed by researchers at DARPA, the US military agency, it aims to help Special Forces divers swim faster.
This device was discovered by an eagle.
New Scientist for the eyes magazine was editor at the DARPATech 2007 conference in California, USA. 5.
This is an old \"programmable robot\" built by our own Ben Crystall.
Wheel units can be \"programmed\" using a range of ropes and hooks and designed for the first time by Greek engineer heroes around 2000, as explained in this feature article.
Ben even cut off his son\'s scooter in order to make the device, so the reader liked the clip and he was no doubt relieved. 4.
The next video is science fiction real, a smart screen that makes 3D objects solid and touchable.
haptic force-
Feedback gloves worn by the audience with on-
The screen 3D object creates the illusion of holding and seeing an entity object.
Researchers from Japan\'s NTT Lab believe this may be ideal for long-distance interactions, such as shaking hands or taking someone\'s head.
Can it completely change long distance communication? 3.
Interactive paper sounds exciting, it\'s a way to bring flat images into life.
Interactive paper-
Materials developed based in Sweden use conductive ink and a series of cardboard speakers to turn static images into life.
Researchers created 2-meter-
Respond to tall billboards touched by users by playing music clips or spoken conversations. 2.
Desktop manufacturers May
Our second most popular video is the desktop device, which could bring a revolution to home manufacturing.
Fab @ Home \"3D printer\" can produce almost anything you want, from a plastic washing machine or new watch in perfect size to a new torch bulb.
Most importantly, the device is much cheaper than earlier prototypes-it costs only a few thousand dollars to make, not a few hundred dollars.
What are you waiting? Get fabbing! 1.
Dream sand stuff, and finally, the most popular video of the year actually shows up at the end of 2006 in a round
Pieces showing strange and wonderful materials.
Five magical substances appeared in the story, including the fluid solidified under pressure, the fluid flowing without friction, and the ferromagnetic gloop that produced an amazing reaction with the magnetic field.
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