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b.c. father-son team developing technology to 3d print in space using moon dust

by:Tuowei     2019-09-06
For Alex and Sergei Dobrianski, the cornerstone of the upcoming industrial revolution in space was discovered in lunar dust.
In the past five years, fatherand-
The Son team has been developing the technology to send 3D printers to the moon that can extract and use a variety of fine things
From satellites to computer processors, the surface of the moon is covered with granular metals.
\"Our road is to build some kind of 3D on the surface of the Moon-
\"The printing factory,\" Alex said, he was 35 years old and came to Canada from Ukraine with his wife and three children.
\"We want to transfer all the space production of any space equipment from Earth to the moon.
\"Alex\'s lab is at his home in one of the top floors of high-rise buildings in downtown Vancouver. Space-
The theme poster spreads the walls and electronic equipment in the room.
\"There is everything (on the moon)
In addition to carbon, produce what you needwhich)
It\'s gold, \"he said.
The metals available on the moon\'s surface include aluminum, titanium, magnesium, iron, silicon and calcium, all in the form of oxidation, he added.
The 29-year-old son Sergey explains how the process of collecting oxidized metals from lunar dust releases oxygen, which can be used as rocket fuel.
\"Our vision is 3D printing.
But before that, I believe we will use the materials as a fuel warehouse . \"
\"Imagine if you could start using these materials to fuel satellites that are now in space.
The catalyst for the project came from $30-
Millions of Google Moon XPRIZE, an international lunar competition dedicated to private funding.
In order to win, a team must land on the surface of the moon, travel 500 and then will be high
HD video.
Dobrianskis\'s Plan B is the only Canadian competitor in the 16 finalists last summer.
The list was reduced in January.
The 24 to 5 teams who received the launch contract sent their robots into space.
The dorbrian Kiff women are not on the final list, but Sergei said their company is pushing forward new seed funding and is supported by the B center for applied research and innovationC.
College of Technology.
\"Over the years, we have decided that this is something we will focus on, whether or not we have Google Moon XPRIZE,\" he said . \" He added that the game is invaluable for the Internet and recruitment.
Sergei attributed his father\'s enthusiasm and commitment to the team\'s success.
\"Alex is always motivated to achieve the impossible.
His son said with a embarrassed smile.
\"Whenever you tell him something impossible, he becomes red and he will try to prove you wrong.
As soon as he heard this, he said, this is not possible.
You can\'t do that.
This actually motivated him.
Sergei said: \"The moderate size of the team means less resources, but it also stimulates the need for innovation and quickly shifts according to changing conditions.
While the team has up to 20 members at different times, its core is family affairs, which Sergey says has both pros and cons.
\"Open communication,\" Sergei said with a smile . \".
\"What we do is always zero filtering, and that\'s perfect, and that\'s exactly what you want for any team, any organization.
Alex reached out for a nine-year-old black man.
Tooth gear, about 4 cm in diameter, with a slight twist on the surface.
\"It was actually made in a vacuum,\" he said, rotating the gear between the thumb and the index finger.
\"As you can see, it\'s a little hard, but it\'s going to be the first prototype of our 3D --
Print experiment.
Alex estimated that 3D printing technology will take five to seven years to land on the moon, adding that the application of 3D printing technology on the moon still faces many challenges.
\"You need enthusiasm.
You need to be realistic.
\"You need a little bit of luck,\" he said . \". “Enthusiastic.
I think this is the most important thing.
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