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Formal prototype mold factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-03- 06 08:01

what kind of regular prototype mold factory can satisfy customers? The extension model gives you some suggestions, hoping to provide a standard for your choice in the process of selection. Avoid unnecessary losses, and waste of time. Tuowei people are happy to solve problems for customers.

The majority of prototype manufacturers are also doing continuous work in the face of customers' product needs perfect, every formal prototype mold factory has different services to retain these customers at present. However, there are also some small companies that may not be able to process some difficult products for customers, but they want to make money. I readily agreed to come down and then send it to the supplier to earn some benefits.

and a regular prototype mold factory, all processes and material properties should be well known. This can be skillfully processed and formed. One more is scale. The model has a large factory of 6000 square meters. 55 cnc equipment with up to ± accuracy0. 01. It is fast expected to ship in 3 days, and there are still 17 years of production experience.

proofing in a regular prototype mold factory such as the extension dimension model, all suppliers provide one-stop service to facilitate customer docking. It is more efficient to make with your heart, if the customer wants to view the product temporarily. There will be a special salesman to visit. After receiving the prototype, every customer appreciates it. It is this trust and support that can continue to develop until now. Thank you very much for your trust! If you have the idea of working with the extension model, you can contact the customer service in the lower right corner, and there will be a special person to receive you!

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