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Functional prototyping-Find a regular manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 18 17: 28

What is a functional prototype? The functional prototype is short for finished products! The prototype is divided into appearance prototype and structure prototype! The finished product is a combination of two prototype types! Of course, this kind of functional prototype is also very difficult! There are very few small manufacturers in general that can be made!

if a customer needs to make a functional prototype, it is absolutely inappropriate to find a small manufacturer! If you feel that it is a little expensive to find a regular manufacturer, but at least you have bought a prototype with guaranteed and worry-free quality! If you look for a small manufacturer, you will always worry about whether you will not catch up with the delivery date, or whether the prototype accuracy will not reach the standard, whether the quality will not reach the standard, etc! After all, we all know that it is risky to find a small manufacturer to make!

But in fact, it is certain to find a regular manufacturer to make a functional prototype. of! Let's say the extension model! If the prototype you need requires the manufacturer to not do it, the person in charge of the extension model will definitely tell you the reason why you can't do it, instead of taking your order like a small manufacturer, whether you can do it or not, the result is the customer himself! Moreover, if the prototype is made by a regular manufacturer and the product is handed over to the customer, the customer finds that there is something wrong and needs to be modified or redone, then the extension model will be modified for you free or re-produced for free!

so in fact, it is more expensive to find a regular manufacturer to make a functional prototype. , but at least a great service and security! In fact, the price is more expensive, and it is not where to go! Moreover, if the prototype manufacturer can help you complete the production in time, it can also help you enter the market as soon as possible! So what is this little bit of money spent compared to the benefits of the results?

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