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How to choose professional medical prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2018-08- 17 14: 14

A few days ago, a customer complained that the prototype quality made by the medical prototype factory he was looking for was not very ideal, A big reason is that the prototype factory is not professional. It is necessary to know that the prototype industry is an industry with a low threshold. Some small manufacturers can be seen everywhere, because the investment cost required is not high, many prototype factories are self-reliant portals from other companies by some technicians, so the technology is not so perfect and there are not enough personnel.

looking for a professional medical prototype processing factory, you might as well look at the extension model and 17 years of processing experience, there are the following advantages:

I. The delivery period is faster, 55 CNC machining centers and more than 100 employees can reach 3 ~ 5 days shipping.

2. Higher precision, high precision CNC machining center is adopted, accuracy tolerance can reach ±0. 01 ~ 0. 10mm.

Three, shorter cycles, can efficiently and perfectly meet customer requirements, and complete orders faster on the premise of meeting customer requirements.

4. The processing size range is 2000, and there is no need to remove parts during processing, especially for large pieces such as medical prototypes.

If you need to find a professional medical prototype processing manufacturer, you can choose the extension model, it has many advantages above.

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