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Jiangsu prototype factory-Save your time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-04- 01 11: 11

many manufacturing enterprises should know the importance of prototype models, which are samples used to verify new products, detect the appearance, structure and size of the product. large amount of money is needed to open the mold. In case of failure, the loss will be huge. Before mass production, it is usually necessary to find a Jiangsu prototype factory to customize the prototype. After the prototype is completed, the accuracy of the design and the function of the prototype can be tested. After that, production can be started to avoid unnecessary losses.

but the prototype model made by the General Jiangsu prototype model factory is accurate the aspect is not very high. few months ago, a Miss Su found the extension model, which was introduced by a friend and needed to customize the prototype of the car parts. The extension model has rich experience, and the requirements for the prototype model of the car have long been clear. The extension model uses CNC machining and a five-axis machine. The accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm, and the equipment processing stroke of the extension model reaches 2000. After taking Miss Su to visit the general process of making the prototype model in the workshop, Miss Su was very satisfied and placed a bill, paid the pre-payment and sent the drawings.

The extension model has been established for 17 years, for the accuracy, appearance and quality of the prototype, it is 20%, and provides a one-stop service, without the need for customers to run a few more processing plants. Have more than 8 years of experience as a prototype teacher, and implement the working method of two shifts, processing 24 hours a day, and shipping speed is fast! There are also professional CTO guidance in the United States. If you think the extension model is a good partner, you want to cooperate with the Jiangsu prototype model factory. You can consult the customer service on the right side, and there will be a professional person to answer for you!

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