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Looking for a prototype factory, can not blindly pursue low prices

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-07- 28 16: 20

The prototype is the model made before the mold is opened. There are many purposes, the rationality of the design is tested, and the perfection of the structural functions is tested, understand whether the product design is popular or beautiful. However, when looking for a prototype factory, some customers will pay attention to low prices and ignore the quality of the prototype.

many customers who make prototypes should know, the price of the prototype is not uniform, and sometimes there will be exceptions. 'Cheap'The price. 'How much do you make a prototype here? '' So expensive, I just asked another familyXXYeah? ' In the prototype industry, conversations like this have to be interpreted countless times every day, which makes the prototype factory helpless. Customers are distressed that the same prototype is very different in different prototype factories. Can't figure out whether it is right or wrong?

Many prototype factories are helpless to watch the user take the quotation of another low-cost prototype to compare with yourself, in'Price disadvantage'The prototype sales can only be carried'Wangpo to pat myself on the back' The suspicion, painstakingly explain, why is your quotation expensive, where is your prototype product?

Yes, the prototype price is good, so it is easy to earn back the cost, however, the low-cost prototype is at the expense of the quality of the prototype and after-sales service. Can the prototype factory develop for a long time? The answer is No. It will not only confuse the industry, but also make the whole industry lose its competitive power and fall into a vicious circle. So when looking for a prototype factory, we can't blindly pursue low prices.

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