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No suitable prototype factory in Fujian-Might as well look at Shenzhen manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-04- 11 17: 45

with the development of science and technology, Fujian's economy is becoming more and more developed now, so many manufacturers need to make prototypes. However, since the Fujian prototype factory started late and the popularity was not high, many Fujian customers will choose suppliers from Shenzhen when making prototypes, in this way, we can get the first chance in the competitive market.

some time ago, miss Liang of Fuyong found the extension model through the network search of Fujian prototype factory and docked with Cao Gong. Cao Gong learned that she has been plagued by the tolerance of objects. Since the prototype made by Fuyong prototype factory did not meet her requirements in terms of accuracy, she began to select the prototype factory online at the suggestion of friends, and accidentally encountered the extension model.

after knowing Miss Liang's needs, Cao Gong told her, the extension model adopts five-axis machining, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 05mm or even higher, Miss Liang did not believe so at first. So Cao UNIDO showed her some samples and five-axis machining videos, and let Miss Liang believe that the prototype made by tuowei model is much higher than that of Fuyong prototype factory. The customer reached a cooperation with the extension model and made an advance payment.

few days later. Miss Liang received the prototype sent by the extension model. After testing, the accuracy achieved the effect she wanted and praised the extension model. If you can't find a prototype factory in Fujian, you might as well look at the Prototype supplier in Shenzhen.

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