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Prototype Model processing plant-Introduction of customers spontaneously

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-08- 19 11: 14

Nowadays girls go to large shopping malls when shopping, because such large shopping malls are very reliable, with good product quality and thoughtful service, after-sales service is good, in fact, not only girls go shopping, but also when looking for a prototype model processing factory, they must also find reliable manufacturers.

not long ago, mr. Liang of Dongguan City searched for the prototype model processing factory according to the information to find the extension model, and the prototype model that Mr. Liang needs to customize recently has higher precision, usually, small manufacturers can't do it. Although there are many reliable prototype factories here in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, the operation time is too short, however, one of the extension models has been in operation for 18 years, and belongs to the original level in the prototype manufacturing industry.

Therefore, the prototype model processing plant of the extension model is widely praised by customers, and the production and processing experience is rich, so Mr. Liang did not hesitate to send the 3D drawings of the prototype immediately, communicated the key points and problems of production and processing, and immediately submitted the order. few days later, after receiving the prototype test sent by tuowei, Mr. Liang expressed his satisfaction and said that he would cooperate with tuowei at that time. After that, Mr. Liang also introduced his friend to Tuowei to customize the prototype!

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