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Prototype of magnesium alloy-Look at the high appearance requirements

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-06- 22 17: 01

The magnesium mine in our country is very rich, accounting for about half of the world. What is processed with magnesium ore is very exquisite! The advantages are small density, high strength, easy deformation, corrosion resistance and other advantages. The Bad Place is that the processing technology is difficult. Especially for customers who want to make magnesium alloy prototypes! Pay more attention to these matters.

magnesium alloy is generally used for parts and materials such as ultra-thin or small notebook shells, or cars, motorcycles, etc! Because of the wide application of magnesium alloy, this kind of material is also very popular! For example, a customer found a dimension model a month ago and wanted to make a magnesium alloy prototype! The Mr. Liao also found a prototype factory before, because he was not very relieved, he asked the prototype factory to make samples for Mr. Liao and then make them. After a few days, Mr. Liao was not satisfied with the prototype, and the surface effect was very bad!

Therefore, Mr. Liao re-found a prototype factory to make it, because Mr. Liao has very strict requirements on the surface effect of magnesium alloy prototypes, so it's not his satisfaction to find more than one. However, I later heard that a prototype made by a manufacturer called tuowei model is very good. It has been in operation for many years and is a very powerful manufacturer! Therefore, we found the extension model!

because the extension model used made a prototype of magnesium alloy, so I took the sample directly and showed it to Mr. Liao. Mr. Liao likes to place an order very much! For Mr. Liao's recognition of the extension model, the extension model must not be expected!

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