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regina catholic school division first canadian winner of international contest

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
\"This really validates my belief that when we try to move the teaching wall out of the classroom and extend the scope of the course to reality --
World applications.
\"The Regina Catholic School Division has become the first Canadian team to win the Follett challenge for the international education competition, with a total of $60,000 in Follett products and services.
The Follett Challenge is open to all schools in Canada, the United States and Australia.
The division was named one of the three semi-finals.
Finally get $30,000 in products and services.
Follett announces the division of the Catholic school in Regina as grand-
On Wednesday morning, the winners took another $30,000 on their website.
\"We have just collapsed and we are very excited,\" said Kelly Eiman, director of education services at the department . \".
\"This really validates my belief that when we try to move the teaching wall out of the classroom and extend the scope of the course to reality --
World applications. ”We won! ! ! !
The winner of the 2019 Follett Challenge Award is Regina Catholic School Division! ! First ? ?
School wins forever!
Thanks @ FollettLearning! ! ! ! —
Catholic School (@RCSD_No81)
On April 24, 2019, the department submitted applications and videos for their bathtub repair project.
The program has eight bathtubs, traveling between schools in the department, each with a different theme, with a focus on getting children to collaborate, think critically and solve problems --
Solve creatively
Course and teaching cooperation in the department Shirley Chase
Two years ago, when she noticed that teachers with unique expertise passed on their knowledge to their students, she thought of mending the bathtub.
She wanted to find a way to get access to this learning across the department.
She started her thoughts with a group of teacher librarians and other educators.
\"We sat down as a team and brainstormed different bathtubs so we could get in touch with something that was tech-related --
Science, coding and robotics
But then we tried something that didn\'t use technology . \"
When Chase heard about the Follett challenge, she thought the Tinker Tub Project was perfect.
\"In terms of 21st century learning, what they are looking for is your critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and all these different skills,\" she said: \"totally in line with the patching tub project we \'ve been working on. \".
With the $60,000 Follett products and services, Chase has had some ideas on what the department can get, including new robotic parts for patching the bathtub and 3D printers.
These are the expenses that the department usually cannot afford. A close-
Look up and see some of the items in the Tinker Bell bathtub at the Sacred Heart Community School.
The Tinker Tub program is designed to encourage students to think critically, collaborate and innovate on issuessolving.
Troy fleece/leader Regina --
After the relevant board of directors of the Regina Catholic School added 30 staff members to support record registered retired teachers, assessing the history of the Regina Catholic school, the teacher librarian of the Sacred Heart Community School said, when Tinker Tubs is consistent with what they are teaching, the teacher signs for use in their class.
\"It\'s incredible to watch the kids break into these kits and start playing, experimenting and exploring,\" White said . \".
\"They are so enthusiastic that they can\'t wait to play with these things.
Sometimes it\'s a bit difficult for them to stop and clean up. ”St.
Dominic Savio School uses a patched bathtub in its descent
Teacher Librarian Louise voronek said that most mornings in front of the school, in academic clubs.
She said hands-on and problem-
The solving skills learned through these bathtubs are also good for students in other classes.
\"This is a great way to get the kids to do it --
\"Excited about learning,\" Waronek said . \". Follett is a U. S. -
Providing basic education and services to schools and libraries across North America, with a focus on combining education and technology.
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