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telescope made using a 3d printer captures incredible picture of the moon

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Anyone can make a space telescope for only £ 100, and the image it provides is ten times the price compared to the output of the model.
To do this, you need a 3D printer that costs a minimum of £ 400.
The PiKon telescope\'s plan was drafted by researchers at the University of Sheffield who described the gadget as \"Game Change\" after researchers posted a 3D model plan online for anyone to use
The telescope\'s \"brain\" is a 25 Rasperry Pi computer that can be purchased online, and other parts such as lenses and mirrors can also be sold for free.
The computer is too small to fit directly in front of the mirror.
It provides a magnification of 160 times enough to clearly see photos of the Moon, galaxies, star groups and some planets.
The telescope was designed according to Isaac Newton from 1668.
Physicist Mark Wrigley said, \"it\'s all about democratizing technology, making it cheap and accessible to the public.
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