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Three most commonly used prototyping methods

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2014-07- 10 12: 09

The most commonly used three prototyping methods a new product often needs to be improved many times in the development process. To test whether the product to be put into production is the same as the design. It is often necessary to make a product model according to the designed drawings, and make corresponding modifications and adjustments against the product model. Until the designed prototype model is satisfied. There are three commonly used prototyping methods at present :(1)Handmade. The prototype master makes the product model according to the drawings or photos provided by hand, such as carving, filing, grinding and unloading. The efficiency and quality of the prototype are not high, and the material is limited (Commonly used sludge, plastic, gypsum, etc) It is generally used for small and medium-sized products with relatively low precision requirements such as small household appliances and children's toys. (2)CNC machining. This is the most commonly used production method at present. The main features are high precision and short processing time. It can process materials of different substances such as Jincheng. (3)Rapid prototyping method. This method uses laser forming technology. Its plastic forming principle is: layered processing and superimposed into inkstone; Materials to be made in Sichuan (Such as silicone)According to the computer 3D pattern stacked layer by layer. The advantage of adopting this technology is that it is fast and not affected by the complexity of the product. And each part can be processed; The disadvantage is that the processed model is low in strength and expensive. The commonly used prototype materials are: Shi Qing, silver, electric wood, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, steel, stainless steel, etc.

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