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To be a prototype of the exhibition, you need to choose a manufacturer with punctual delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-07- 25 17: 02

In general, customers pay great attention to the delivery of prototypes, especially for those customers who need to participate in the exhibition, if you can't show the prototype to the customer in time during the exhibition, you will lose a lot of sales opportunities. This shows how important it is to find a prototype factory that delivers on time!

first from the delivery period, if the customer wants to take the product to participate in the exhibition, place an order until the delivery time, and the goods have not been made, your delay in delivery of this product is waste, and there is no use. Some customers hold a product meeting, some customers sell the products. The product is a waste product and is worthless. So the delivery is very important. Quality is also a very important one. If the delivery date catches up, but the quality is very poor, you dare to take it out and sell or participate in the exhibition. Taking it out is the kind of face and crackling.

so no matter what you do, we all have to believe in professional people, so that there is security. Another is the service attitude. The service attitude determines the customer's trust in you. If the service is thoughtful, the customer can save a lot of time by placing an order, and another one can save a lot of heart. Basically, the progress of the product can be seen every day. This is very good. Therefore, the service determines the customer to worry.

extension model is a prototype manufacturer with 55 large CNC machining centers on time for delivery, more than 100 employees also provide customers with production progress at ordinary times. If you need to go to the exhibition, you may wish to look at the extension model to help you show the exhibits on time at the exhibition.

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