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$299 3D printer achieves Kickstarter goal in minutes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
An ultra-
Cheap 3D printers have reached Kickstarter\'s goal in just 11 minutes, and some praised it as the first mass market version of the technology.
The manufacturer M3D has raised more than $1 m (£597,000)
They are 28 days away from their $50,000 target.
Early supporters were able to get the machine for only $199, while other supporters were able to get it for only $299.
It\'s called Micro with easy-to-
Use software that allows users to search, drag and drop objects to print.
In the crowd of Kickstarter,
Funding sites that have injected vitality into a range of technology projects, including the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, which was subsequently acquired by Facebook for $2 bn. At just 7. 3in (18. 5cm)
Square weight 1 kg (2. 2lbs)
The device will be easy to move.
It can be used with Windows, Mac, or Linux.
It is equipped with software that allows users to search and browse objects online.
Once they choose what they want to print, they drag it into the printer and click print.
\"Our goal is to give day-to-day users access to microservices,\" the pitch on Kickstarter said . \".
The slogan on the Kickstarter page calls it \"the first real consumer 3D printer \".
Some people think it may change the rules of the game.
\"As the market for the New Kinpo enters, I think this is one of the most interesting things about desktop 3D printing,\" said expert Joris Peels . \".
\"The key to getting people to buy 3D printers is the new price points and lower prices.
\"Not many people can pay $2,000 to buy a printer, but more people can try a printer for $500 or $300,\" he added . \".
The team hopes to start shipping these machines in August.
While those who support the device on Kickstarter will get the device for $299 or less, according to a company spokesperson, although the retail price is expected to be \"within the same price range \", but not yet sure.
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