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4 tech trends that small businesses should not ignore

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Technology is constantly reshaping the business landscape by changing how the company operates, interacting with customers, and seeking new ways to grow.

But the large number of new technology platforms and emerging ideas makes it difficult for you to identify the trends that are most important to your small business.

Here are four key technology trends that small business owners should learn about and what they mean for your company's future. 1)

By storing and sharing data over the network, cloud computing enables business owners and employees to work together and access information from anywhere in the world.

The cloud provides software, platforms, and infrastructure as a service, providing key features online.

The Cloud helps reduce costs and benefits small business owners.

Companies can rely on third parties to handle these services securely instead of buying, managing, and upgrading software, as well as hiring IT experts to maintain the system.

The monthly fee replaces the upfront fee, and the service level can be enlarged or reduced according to the business needs.

As a result, technical expenditure-

Traditionally one of the largest capital expenditures for small businesses-

Into operating costs.

What can you do: see if your business can take advantage of cloud computing to simplify day-to-day workto-

Day to day operations, consider testing payroll, project management, or documentation-

Share cloud services. These back-

Terminal Services are often well tested on the cloud because they can be closely monitored and controlled and produce timely results.

In addition, many major cloud services offer free trials over a period of time. 2)

With global sales of smartphones and tablets surpassing laptops and desktops, mobile devices have become a tool to make money, finding ways to profit from the surge in mobile devices is becoming a priority for the small business sector.

According to Gartner, transactions through mobile devices will rise from $163 billion in 2012 to $721 billion in 2017.

Therefore, many companies are actively seeking ways to facilitate mobile payment for customers or customers.

Their goal is to provide mobile content to raise awareness of their business and leverage location

Service-based to attract their customer base and take advantage of the massive purchases, expenditures, and data generated through the use of equipment. More than one-

According to Adyen global mobile payment index, the fifth payment transaction in the world is now on mobile devices.

This is a huge opportunity to leverage mobile devices to increase revenue and reach a wider customer base.

What can you do: consider optimizing your enterprise website for mobile devices to ensure that the website is displayed correctly on smaller screens, customers can complete the purchase, contact employees for services or support, and maintain personalized accounts through their mobile devices. 3)E-

Although online retail has always been a booming industry, e-commerce has risen rapidly.

Over the past few years, business platforms have grown dramatically, mainly due to the surge in mobile shopping.

According to Goldman Sachs, the adoption and expansion of digital commerce is expected to accelerate in the short term

E-Commerce every year in the coming semester

Business growth will be close to 17% in the next three years. Major e-

Commercial retailers are actively adding new features and applications, and many are expanding their big data capabilities to adapt to the biggest new trend: providing tailor-made shopping experiences for individual consumers.

What you can do: one of the most effective ways to improve the online sales performance of small businesses is to provide a personalized experience for each customer.

Ensuring your website can identify repeat customers and recommend related products can improve the online experience of users and help drive new sales of the company.

Online loyalty program is another useful way to get more information from e-commercecommerce.

By offering online gift cards and bonus points for frequent consumption, your business can encourage customers to shop more in the future and build stronger relationships with your brand. 4)3-

D. customizable world of printing process 3-

D. printing continues to become more affordable, easier to use, and to produce more complex designs that are expected to subvert traditional production models. The 3-

The printing industry has grown at a rate of over 20% per year and is expected to accelerate further in the coming years.

The combination of high customisation and the ability to produce fast prototypes and replacement parts means 3-

Printing can bring great advantages to small businesses, especially in crowded markets.

What can you do: 3-

D printer allows you to set a premium for items designed according to the exact specifications and preferences of your customers.

For a relatively small upfront investment, your business can start making personalized products, which can give you a competitive advantage. produced items.

You can also use 3-

For printing of product development, making multiple prototypes of new products and modifying their functions until the correct combination of design functions is achieved.

This may be cheaper than relying on external manufacturers, which usually charge more for small manufacturers

Mass production can provide an economical way for small enterprises to develop.

Finding small business growth opportunities is just one of the strategies taught in Goldman Sachs's 10,000 small business program.

Share your company's technology adoption plan in the comments section below and visit www. goldmansachs.

Com/10000 small businesses learn more about how the program can help you grow your business.

4 tech trends that small businesses should not ignore

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