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Bumper prototype manufacturer, how to choose?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-08- 16: 32

The replacement of the automobile industry is more frequent, and one sentence is described as' Three years a small change, five years a big change'. As an important part of the car, the bumper is also inevitable. In the process of changing, you need to make a prototype. So, what kind of bumper prototype factory should be chosen?

Since the size of the bumper prototype is relatively large, it is required that the plate receiving factory be processed, the itinerary of the equipment should also be large enough so that the whole processing and prototype can be made firmly. At present, most of the prototype factory's equipment processing trips are not very high, generally only about one metre, while the large-scale CNC machining center introduced by the extension model has a travel distance of 2000mm. When processing the bumper, you don't have to remove the pieces, so the strength of the handle is relatively high.

Secondly, make a bumper prototype, it is necessary to choose a prototype factory on time to verify the new products faster and develop the new products as soon as possible. However, the prototype industry is an industry with a relatively low threshold. Most prototype factories are mainly small workshops, often with one person and several jobs, and the delivery period is difficult to be guaranteed, tuowei model has been engaged in prototype production for 17 years. It has 55 large CNC machining centers and more than one hundred employees. In terms of delivery, it has more advantages than other small prototype factories.

The processing process of Shenzhen tuowei model reached 2000mm, at the same time, it can be delivered on time within the specified time. It is a bumper prototype manufacturer worthy of choice.

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