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Dongguan prototype model Company-Control the appearance effect

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-05- There are many prototype model processing manufacturers in Dongguan, because Dongguan is a place where the prototype has developed very well, however, it is really not easy to find a good one in so many. Just some time ago, Mr. Jiang company just developed a product, but he was very headache when looking for a prototype factory, although it has found several Dongguan prototype model companies that still look very powerful, it is impossible to finalize which cooperation with them for a long time.

Later, I searched the Dongguan prototype model company online to find many information about prototype model companies. Mr. Jiang has seen a lot, but he still has a deep impression on the extension model. Through the information of the web page, Mr. Jiang probably learned about the number of equipment, the experience of the prototype technician, the secrecy of the product, after-sales service and quotation. So launched the customer service online consultation. After the customer service Xiao Zhu wanted to contact the customer, he transferred the customer information to the salesman Li Gong.

after a few days, Mr. Jiang came to the tuowei model, after making a self-introduction to each other, I went to the sample room to visit the samples I had made before, then went to the workshop to visit and discuss while visiting. It was learned during the discussion that the client wanted to make a prototype to participate in the competition. Therefore, the requirements in terms of appearance and structure are quite high, so Mr. Jiang did not let go of every detail. After the visit, Mr. Jiang was very satisfied. After going back, I made a list and sent a 3D drawing. Li Gong, the salesman of Dongguan prototype model company, negotiated the product structure and process details and began to make the prototype.

3 days later, Mr. Jiang was very satisfied with the products received. It is said that in so many Dongguan prototype model companies, there are not many powerful ones like the extension model, and they have reached long-term cooperation. The extension model manufacturers have been strictly controlled from the drawing to the delivery, the production size is strictly controlled, the grinding is fine, the manual is strictly assembled according to the drawing, the painting effect is controlled, and the layers are checked. If you want to find such a responsible manufacturer, you might as well look at the extension model! Online customer service is waiting for your consultation 24 hours a day!

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