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Dremel Digilab 3D45 review: A great introduction into the world of 3D printing

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
When I was offered a 3D printer to view, my first thought was, \"I\'m not interested in printing guns except guns \", the statue of the machine I don\'t own or the replacement gear, I really don\'t know what to do with it.
I\'m also a bit silent as I\'m not sure how complicated it would be to use it, but that worry would be as easy as it was designed for beginners.
The digital display guides the user through the settings.
The only physical assembly is the installation of a glass platform or bed to insert the filament into the extruder, which uses a thin cable wire shaft and is not much more difficult than feeding the paper into a normal printer.
While the 3D printer is not as big as the industrial 3D printer, the 3D 45 is not as small as you said and you need some desktop space. At 51. 44 cm by 40. 64 cm by 40.
39 cm, bigger than your average consumerin-one printer.
With a clear plastic door, it looks like a convection oven.
Before printing, you\'ll want to use glue sticks on the bed to make sure there\'s a good adhesive between the platform and what you\'re trying to build.
Finding what to print is actually simple.
I don\'t have design skills to speak of, so I\'m not going to draft something in Autodesk.
3D45 can be printed from your own proprietary G3DREM file or more standard 3D printer file type GCODE.
But with its own free online slicing software, it can also read stereo printing (STL) and OBJ files --
Two popular types of 3D files.
These STL and OBJ files are sometimes downloaded for free.
You can print a variety of different things, including sculptures, mechanical parts, household items, and even (I would like these things to be considered household items as well, depending on where you save them ).
You can print these files directly via USB, or you can print them wirelessly by uploading them to the Dremel print cloud.
The Dremel print cloud includes software that allows you to make some modifications before sending it to your printer.
For example, you can scale, move, or change the direction of the bed object.
You can choose whether to print it with a raft (a layer of filament underneath the filament to help keep it in place) and/or a stand to prevent it from falling off before drying.
3d 45 is not as loud as I thought.
Depending on the printing work, you may hear some creaking or shaking sounds, but most of them are overwhelmed by the white noise of the fan.
It\'s not bigger than a normal printer.
Of course, it can take a few hours for a 3D print to work without more than one day.
Still, the noise was low enough and I felt it was good to put it in my apartment for the night.
As far as I know, it doesn\'t keep my neighbors awake.
Someone beats on my wall, someone puts an angry letter on my door, someone throws dog shit in my front porch.
Printing with 3D45 is a bit impossible.
Sometimes an object is printed perfectly and sometimes it is a mess of plastic.
However, it is sometimes difficult to judge whether a failed print is a problem with the printer or a problem with the file used for printing.
Just because the 3D print file viewer in the Dremel print Cloud shows the object completely does not mean that it will actually print in this way.
First, gravity may be a factor.
Even with support, it may not be possible to design a given object in a correctly printed way.
Sometimes 3D printing jobs look good, but when you try to remove them, the stand (which basically looks like a tiny beam of light) breaks some of the weaker parts of the object.
Since I am not a particularly convenient person, most of the things I print are complete objects, so I don\'t need to connect the pieces together, whether that\'s the epitome of sculpture, like Venus de Milo, the characters in the comics like The Joker bust image, tick or Hell Boy, or a face --
Jean Luc Picard.
(The last one is technically two, of course, but I had a problem printing the base, so I had to tilt Jean-
Luc leaned against the wall so that he would not fall.
) I also printed something that was slightly more functional, such as a bowl, glasses frame and a statue of julius Caesar, who had holes in his back that could be used as a pen.
The filament will also affect the printing job.
In Dremel Print Cloud, you can also choose the type of filament you are using, how strong you want the object to be, and manually select the printing temperature of the extruder and platform if you want to be more professional.
(Printing includes melting filaments, with different melting points for different types.
In addition, some designers would recommend printing their models at specific temperatures.
Personally, though, I tend to use the default settings.
) I have tried three different types of fibers: white/translucent Poly (PLA), a biodegradable thermoplastic material derived from renewable resources such as corn syrup; a black ECO-
Benzene (ECO -)
ABS), a thermoplastic polymer of different types;
Nylon in black.
Each of these filaments has its own use.
The PLA is the most common filament type, and since it should handle the details better, it is designed for more cosmetic prints.
Although it may be a bit brittle.
Occasionally, I have PLA filaments stuck on me when printing
Nothing happened to the other two.
I have the best luck in ecology.
ABS, it is the \"Modified version\" of PLA \".
It is stronger, more flexible and more durable than PLA and can be used to print low
Stress of mechanical parts.
Nylon Silk is the strongest of the three fibers.
It has maximum durability and flexibility, low friction coefficient, and therefore can be used for printing higher-
Stress of mechanical parts.
However, it is more picky.
It prints at a much higher temperature than the other two filaments.
The extruder is heated to 255 °C (relative to 220 °C) and the bed layer is heated to 100 °C (relative to 35 °C/45 °C ).
Many of my nylon prints were knocked down or attached to the nozzle while printing.
It turns out that I need to apply more glue to the platform to make it more adhesive, although it is enough to print with other filaments.
In the end, I started to master it and most of the nylon prints came out.
Overall, I had a great time with Dremel 3D45
Although I might prefer it if I could design my own object.
While not cheap, 3D printers are relatively cheap.
Is there a price of $2,164?
51, it is equipped with two rolls (ECO-ABS and Nylon). 51. 44 cm by 40. 64 cm by 40. 39 cm; 21.
5 kg 25 cm by 15. 24 cm by 17.
02 cm280c 100 c1.
75mm 8 gbg3dress, GCODE;
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