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Features of prototype silicone model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2014-07- 22 17: 10

prototype silica gel is a silicone product mainly used for prototype mold making. Prototype silica gel series silica gel is a liquid flowing, no matter what color, the quality is actually unchanged. The prototype silicone has low viscosity, good fluidity and good operation. Therefore, it is often used to make various silicone models. The main requirements of the prototype silicone are: no shrinkage or deformation, the hardness is suitable for the use of less complex products.

The prototype silica gel has the following features:

1. The prototype silicone is used on small products or products with fine patterns. The mold should be made with silicon-soft silica gel. This is because the precise and small products are easily damaged during the demoulding time, so soft silica gel must be used to make the mold.

2. If you are copying large products or making large products, you must use silica gel with large hardness to make molds so that the products made are not deformed.

3. Adding silicone oil 10%, the hardness will drop by 5 degrees; Adding silicone oil 20% will reduce the hardness by 10 degrees. By analogy, the more silicone oil is added, the worse the tear strength will change accordingly, and no silicone oil will be added without special circumstances.

4. The number of times the silicone requires the mold to be turned is as much as possible, but the prototype model design, it only takes three to five products to proofing the customer, so there is no requirement for the number of mold changes.

5. When the prototype silicone is re-molded, deformation will occur after ten to fifteen times, at this time, we have to make a new mold.

The above is the characteristic of the prototype silicone model, hoping to help you.

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