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how laser printers work

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Basic knowledge: first, the drum is given total positive electricity by the electric motion sickness line of the charge, a current through its wire. (
Some printers use live rollers instead of motion sickness lines, but the principle is the same. )
When the drum rotates, the printer emits a tiny laser on the surface to release certain points.
In this way, the laser \"draws\" letters and images to be printed as a charge pattern ---
Electrostatic images.
The system can also work in the case of reverse charges-
That is, the positive electrostatic image on the negative background.
After the pattern is set, the printing machine is covered with carbon powder with positive electricity--
A black powder.
Since it is positively charged, the toner will stick to the negative discharge area of the drum, but it will not stick to the \"background\" with positive electricity.
\"It\'s like writing on a soda can with glue, then rolling on the flour: The flour is stuck only on the glue --
The coating part of the jar, so you end up with a message written with powder.
After the powder pattern is attached, the drum rolls on a piece of paper and the paper moves along the belt below.
Before rolling paper under the drum, give it a negative power by transferring the motion sickness line (charged roller).
This charge is stronger than the negative charge of the electrostatic image, so the paper can pull the toner away.
Since it moves at the same speed as the drum, the paper picks up the image pattern accurately.
In order to prevent the paper from sticking to the drum, after picking up the toner, it is immediately discharged by the DETEC corona Line.
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