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How to do the prototype-Professional manufacturers answer for you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-05- 15 19: 13

all kinds of products you buy now are made. It is through the R & D personnel of the product company to make 3D drawings and hand them over to the prototype supplier for processing and customization. This is about the prototype. Today, we will briefly introduce the process by expanding the dimension model.

first, the project manager should check the customer's 3D drawings and propose a processing plan after repeatedly confirming that the drawings have no errors. Hand it over to the programming department to plan the equipment schedule and put the raw materials used on the CNC machine for processing and molding. Even after the first step is finished, what will the prototype do next?

handed over to colleagues in the manual department for polishing, and some appearance modifications all need to be carefully completed by professional manual Masters, which is more important in the middle. The quality of some small factories is not good here, and then enter the coloring stage, which is colored by the fuel injection department master against the customer's renderings. Basically, the production is completed, and then the quality inspection of the subsequent QC room can be shipped. I hope the answer from Xiaobian can help you understand how to do the prototype, and you are welcome to consult questions at any time.

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