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How to eliminate customer concerns in professional prototyping factories

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-07- 27 16: 21

In the era of trading with no more than one household, it is both convenient and more worrying, because many times when looking for a professional prototype factory to cooperate, there will be various reasons why you can't see the overall strength of the partner. So how to eliminate these scruples and concerns at this time?

last Saturday, Mr. Chen from Dongguan searched online'Professional prototype factory' In connection with the extension model, Chen Xianfa sent a 3D engineering drawing to customize the prototype and asked for a quotation. After a series of communication, he was very satisfied with the extension model, however, if there are any problems in the accuracy and surface treatment of the extension model, the impact on the latter will be very large.

at this time, the salesman of the professional prototype production factory of Changwei was on the spot. record video, continue to communicate with Mr. Chen, see the production and processing of the tuowei model site, whether it is the scale of operation or every processing link is different from Mr. Chen's imagination, which eliminates Mr. Chen's previous scruples and worries, said:' When you encounter a prototype factory like the extension model, what reason is not to cooperate with it'.

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