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How to Run prototype business

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-12- 07 15: 55

How does the prototype business run? I believe this is very concerned about everyone. As a newcomer to the tuowei prototype model factory, Xiaobian tells you with his own experience-- The transaction customer is not entirely based on the price, but also the determination of the transaction customer.

at the time of the customer's inquiry quotation, we need to pay attention to a few small details. ( Customers provide 3D drawings and lists, and 2D drawing files can also be used). In the process of running the prototype business, it is necessary to clarify the customer and company information, understand the product production process, materials, surface effect treatment and other requirements, and facilitate subsequent production and manual processing. If there are uncertain factors, in order to avoid later disputes. Need to be clear with the customer, can not make their own decisions, decision-making power in the hands of the customer. The product delivery period needs to be negotiated with the customer. If the customer has urgent parts, it is necessary to explain the difference between normal delivery and urgent parts in advance with the customer, and confirm with the production manager whether it can be prioritized. Business needs to do a good job of communication.

after the inquiry quotation, the business needs to follow up continuously until it is confirmed whether the product is made or not, what is the reason for not making it? Impress customers with sincerity and help customers evaluate risks. Customers can see that we are thinking of customers. Sooner or later, there will be the moment of the transaction. Persistence is victory. The above is the relevant content of how the prototype business runs, I hope to help you.

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