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hyper-real robot sex dolls that you can make in your own home are coming soon

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
Realistic sex dolls are not new, but they are becoming more realistic as production techniques improve.
But if you want a top
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Female, then you have to order one, but this will change as sex3d 3d founder Thomas sashlow recently told the Daily Star.
Thomas said: \"There has always been a harmonious relationship between the adult industry and technology.
\"If you think of bio-printing when talking about the future of sex robots and sex toys, it tells you how crazy the future will be.
We are currently working on a project in this field.
At present, the Montreal-based company in Canada has introduced a sex toy design so that customers can print their own toys in their comfortable homes.
But he thinks we won\'t have a long wait until we print more than sex toys.
The entrepreneur is already working on robot toys for 3D printing, which he claims will be hyper-
Real robots with artificial intelligence.
3D printing is a fast growing industry with a variety of uses, some of which are controversial.
From printing artificial limbs to making weapons, almost any human need can be met.
Now, porn entertainment is being treated in 3D.
These printers work by creating thousands of layers of material under the guidance of computer creation design to create 3D objects.
Thomas claims that, in theory, 3D printing artificial intelligence sex robots have become possible, and it can \"mimic human gestures in sexual behavior\", \"memorize preferences and answer requests \".
\"3D printers that are currently able to achieve this are very expensive and can only be found in professional printing companies.
But like all technology, it will eventually filter into the mainstream, and printing your own sex dolls at home will be a real prospect.
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