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Professional manufacturer of Shenzhen pc prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-11- 15 00:44

Shenzhen is a supplier of many PC prototypes. But how much is the real material that everyone finds to help customers make prototypes for customers? For example, some small factory equipment is to acquire two-hand equipment to provide customers with the prototype quality of this production is definitely not up to standard. But sold to customers for a little bit of personal gain.

is really a common situation in the industry, but a professional PC prototype like our company, the manufacturer is not the same as 17 years of processing experience. Hundreds of people's production and processing teams and new five-axis processing machines are not available in small factories. It is also with these differences that the price range is formed.

The majority of customers want to make a PC prototype at a low price, or use a regular factory with reasonable cost performance. The result is of course a scene. Responsible for the company's products, it is definitely necessary to have good quality to have good results. If engineers work hard to draw 3D drawings of products due to supplier problems. Is it really good to lose money? After many customers are not worth the money and it is too late.

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