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Prototype customization-- You provide 3d drawings, and the extension model is responsible for processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
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many consumers want to customize the prototype, but they are trapped in not knowing the customization process and making themselves unable to do so. The simple sentence for the prototype manufacturer to summarize the prototype customization is: you are responsible for providing 3d drawings, and our Shenzhen prototype manufacturer is responsible for processing customization. This is a concise introduction to the process of prototype model customization, and I believe customers can understand it.

want to make what you want prototype, you are responsible for providing 3d drawings when choosing the extension prototype model manufacturer, and we are responsible for customizing production and controlling quality, so that you can save money and worry! The smooth communication in the early stage is the guarantee for the subsequent steady production. It is worth mentioning that if customers can design their own drawings, they can save a lot of unnecessary trouble; If there is no project in your company, you need to find a nearby design company; If there is a sample, you can send the sample to the extension model to copy the number, which can also save a fee. Shenzhen prototype manufacturers suggest that the number of prototype model customization should not be too large, generally not more than 10, otherwise it is also a heavy burden on enterprises.

Shenzhen prototype manufacturer- The extension model still adheres to the consistent'Customer First' The concept of urgency, the urgency of customers, and strive to solve problems for customers. Under normal circumstances, the extension model has no requirements for the order quantity, orders one by one, and strictly keeps the customer's drawings confidential, and signs a confidential agreement with the customer within the specified time limit, do not upload photos of the customer's prototype.

So, if you need to find a Shenzhen prototype customization factory, you can choose the extension model. You only need to provide us with 3d drawings. We will be in 3 ~ Make a prototype for your satisfaction in 5 days.

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