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Prototype factory in Dongguan-Considerate service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-07- 31 14: 29

last Thursday, Mr. Zhang of Hubei searched'Prototype factory in Dongguan' I contacted the extension model. At that time, Mr. Zhang was only a simple inquiry. The next day, Mr. Zhang sent a 3D drawing of the customized prototype and carried out careful communication.

after a series of communication, it is learned that Mr. Zhang also found several prototype factories in Dongguan, and Mr. Zhang wants to choose one from these prototype factories with high comprehensive cost performance, which will inevitably lead to competition between these prototype factories. The reason why Mr. Zhang found the extension model on the Internet is also because some friends said that the prototype quality of the extension model is very good and the service is very thoughtful. Therefore, Mr. Zhang listed the extension model as one of the prototype manufacturers for future cooperation.

The extension model has been used as a prototype factory in Dongguan for 18 years, this kind of competition is very common in the extension model. Of course, Tuowei will not be afraid. Taking into account the issue of time and cost, Mr. Zhang was not invited to conduct a field survey. On the contrary, Mr. Zhang was sent a company profile and related videos, qualifications and customer success stories of cooperation with him. Although Mr. Zhang has not yet contacted Tuowei, Tuowei is very confident in himself. I believe that after comprehensive comparison, Mr. Tang will contact Taowei. Waiting for good news from Mr. Zhang!

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