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Prototype factory in Nanjing-Worth long-term cooperation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-04- 23 08: 00

Hello everyone, customers all over the world have cooperated in the extension model. One of them is a Nanjing prototype factory, which requires customers to consult suppliers on the Internet. In the process, drawings were also sent to the extension model for quotation. Although the customer was not very satisfied with the price problem, he still cooperated.

Why is this still a consensus on cooperation, because compared with the Nanjing prototype factory that has been cooperated before, customers think that both professional level and service level are much higher than that. After all, the standard of the regular manufacturer process will not deviate. If you guarantee the quality, try it once.

of course, it is not good to have expectations of customers and be able to use this opportunity to build trust with customers. Make production list after project manager analyze drawing structure. Confirm the shipment date and inform the customer, so he was busy and didn't let the customer wait for long. He sent it to the customer the day before the delivery date to reach a cooperation. This is looking for Nanjing prototype factory, it is a pleasure that the customer's problem has been solved.

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