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Prototype factory-Seriously solve the problem of customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-03- 25 14: 24

five months ago, a customer from Singapore found a mobile phone prototype factory through foreign trade Alibaba-Extension model. This customer can be described as Lei Ling's popularity in doing things. The customer's company is a mobile phone company, so it is very strict in details and needs to be cautious when quoting with him.

when this gentleman came to Tuowei company, he still felt it was OK. After coming in and seeing the serious work of the employees, the impression of Tuowei is one point better. The customer hosted by Miss Mo. Without too much extra words, I took the customer to the workshop to visit and explained in detail while visiting. The customer looked at some of the prototypes processed in cnc after being carefully polished by the manual, and became very smooth, then fuel injection, polishing, silk screen printing, etc. In these processes, the employees are very serious, so the products made are also very good-looking. The customer was very satisfied, so he made a list and came with the drawings.

Miss Mo from the prototype factory of the mobile phone at the time of quotation, it was found that the process map did not match the list. So Miss Mo made a detailed process instruction map to the customer according to the previous experience and then referred to the customer's effect chart. After the customer saw it, she carefully looked at it and found that there were indeed mistakes. Soon, the customer was confirmed. There are indeed mistakes. The customer is very grateful to the salesman to see it in time, and the loss will be great if he does not recognize it. In fact, from the customer's point of view, this also helps the customer, and the customer has solved some potential troubles. From the customer's point of view, understand the customer's psychology, which is the psychology that the salesman should have.

The customer said, if you want to find a mobile phone prototype factory to cooperate in the future, you will contact the extension model first, and the customer will also tell Miss Mo the time when the next order is placed, the customer has a great trust in Tuowei!

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