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Prototype manufacturer-Regular return visit to customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-12- 14 11: 00

I believe everyone is no stranger to the prototype model. It needs to be used whether it is new product verification or exhibition, therefore, many enterprises need to find prototype manufacturers to make prototypes. Among many prototype factories, some prototype factories have been criticized by others, and some prototype companies have been well received by customers. Here is a prototype manufacturer that has been well received by customers.

In fact, the prototype manufacturer's favor is not caused by accidental factors. of, but the reason for the deep nature- Not only must we have excellent prototype quality, but we also need to have a warm service attitude. Obviously, the business leaflet of the extension model meets this standard.

two months ago, Li Gong of Shenzhen Gongming searched through the network'Prototype manufacturer' After finding the extension model, customer service Xiao Liu transferred it to the business leaflet after going to his contact information. At first, Li Gong's drawings were not so perfect, and he hesitated when choosing which processing method, so Xiaoye personally visited their company to help him see the 3d drawings and gave a good plan, finally dispelled Li Gong's doubts and let him make the prototype within the specified time.

few days ago, the prototype manufacturer's related business returned to Li Gong and asked him how the service of the extension model was. Li Gong is very satisfied with the service attitude of the business leaflet, and said that he will continue to cooperate with the Taowei model in the future and will come to visit. Seeing that Li Gong gave such a high evaluation to the Tuowei model, I was happy not to want it.

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