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Prototype model of structure-Help you find design problems in time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-05- 29 17: 42

In the era of rapid development of high-tech, competition in all walks of life is particularly fierce, and every enterprise pays special attention to the research and development of new products, thus also pay special attention to the prototype proofing. The prototype is divided into structural prototype model and appearance prototype model, and of course there are finished products, but the processing time is relatively large.

The main role of the structural prototype model is to detect the internal structure of the product is the design reasonable, the accuracy requirements are high, and the problem can be found early. Just as there was a Mr. Xu before, their company belongs to the kind of company that has just gained a foothold in the market, but it is still not very stable. But they have developed a new product with a very good design concept. So they put a lot of hope on this product.

because they attach great importance to this product this time, so I found the extension model Technology Co. , Ltd. with a very good reputation. The customer received by the salesman Chen Gong first took the customer to understand the prototype samples made before the extension model, then went to the workshop, understood the strength of the extension model, and then made a quotation for the customer. After receiving the quotation from the salesman, Mr. Xu did not say that he felt that the price was too expensive, but that the quality of the prototype produced at a high price would not be poor. So he began to make a prototype model for Mr. Xu.

as a result, after Mr. Xu received the structural prototype model, the experiment was carried out. After several experiments, the products have been improved and improved step by step. After that, the market had a very good response. Mr. Xu said that he will cooperate with Tuwei model next time!

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