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Prototype of transparent parts-Higher accuracy in the right way

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-04- 10 14: 07

Generally, there are several processing methods for making transparent parts prototypes: CNC processing, 3D printing processing and vacuum film. The general materials of transparent parts are PC and MMA (Acrylic). Some customers want a fully transparent prototype or a translucent prototype.

The prototype of transparent parts is processed by CNC, 3D printing, etc. prototype first, then Polish or Polish. Of course, there are some small details, which is the way to make a prototype of a translucent piece. 3D printing uses a stacking method. It is not limited by the complexity of the structure. The prototype made of 3D printing has the same appearance and CNC machining prototype, but the performance and accuracy are not comparable. If the silicone composite film is produced in small batches, it is mainly not so smooth when making, and the polishing is not polished into a mirror effect, forming a slightly rough effect, which can achieve the desired effect.

as two months ago, gentleman found the information of the extension model and wanted to make a prototype of a batch of transparent parts. Originally, the customer's request was to use PC material CNC processing, because he wanted to push his products abroad, so the product accuracy and performance requirements were very high. However, after knowing his requirements and the information of the use environment of the product, the salesman recommends that the customer use PMMA material, because PMMA material has good comprehensive performance and optical performance, transparency is comparable to optical glass. Good gloss, light and strong. It is very suitable for the requirements of the gentleman, and it is CNC machining, so the accuracy is needless to say.

The customer agreed to make a prototype of transparent parts using PMMA material. It can be seen that the salesman's ability is also great. At the same time, it is also the instructor of the customer. Therefore, if you want to find a manufacturer with good service, you can try the extension model!

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