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Prototype processing factory, 0. 01mm exquisite appearance precision

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-08- 07 15: 39

Since Shenzhen is the place where the prototype model industry started earlier, there are many prototype processing factories. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1000 prototype factories in Shenzhen, and the strength is also uneven. What kind of prototype factory will be better? On this point, Xiaobian tells you that the main look is precision and appearance processing.

since the prototype is a threshold lower industries, therefore, many prototype factories do not invest too much, resulting in low prototype accuracy. The processing accuracy of the general prototype factory is only 0. About 1mm, the machining accuracy can reach ±0. There are very few 03mm. However, in July this year, a number of five-axis machines were introduced into the tuowei prototype factory, and the processing accuracy could reach 0. 01mm, can provide customers with high-precision prototypes, and serve every customer who cooperates with us.

Secondly, the appearance processing of the prototype is also very important, due to limited conditions, many prototype factories have a relatively small investment in fuel injection, while the extension model attaches great importance to fuel injection. The us cto was hired as the technical director to introduce foreign fuel injection technology, the prototype surface treatment effect is over 38%. So far, the extension model has served more than 3000 enterprises and successfully helped them to obtain many large orders at the exhibition.

Shenzhen extension model, the accuracy of the processing prototype is 0. 01mm, and the appearance is exquisite, it is a good prototype processing factory.

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