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Prototype proofing factory-Received customer recognition many times

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-01- 03 16: 55

Miss Liu is a purchase from a company in Shenzhen and she searches for'Prototype proofing factory' After contacting tuowei model, customer service Xiao Zhu asked about her contact information and transferred it to Miss Zheng, the business.

The drawings were immediately sent to Miss Zheng at the beginning of the conversation, I was asking Miss Zheng about the delivery date and the price. After talking, I realized that their budget is limited this time. They have to take it to the exhibition, so the time is very tight, I have been working on the web page for 18 years. The experience of large-scale prototype proofing factory is very rich. She asked Miss Zheng if the price will be much higher than that of small companies. After seeing the drawings, Miss Zheng recommended the processing method of 3D proofing to Miss Liu, not only for less time, but also for a lot of preferential prices.

Miss Zheng explained to Miss Liu how mature the 3D printing technology is now, it is suitable for samples that she is very anxious to use for the exhibition. 3 days can be delivered, the sample extension model is responsible for assembling it to him. After processing, it can save her a lot of time. The price extension prototype proofing factory has also shown sincerity. Miss Liu agrees with this plan, the contract was signed.

The time to do it is still one day ahead of schedule, miss Liu was very moved and did not delay their exhibition activities. The exhibition was very smooth and recognized the strength of the prototype proofing factory. She said that there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future, and she will not consider those small companies. If it is not done well, it will be delayed, so that the customer will be affirmed again.

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