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Rapid prototyping prototype factory-Israeli printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-01- 07 10: 32

Now the application of 3D printing parts is becoming more and more extensive, Cheap express delivery, and now customers with urgent delivery will choose 3d printing, so it's also called a rapid prototyping prototype.

Mr. Jiang's company is a design company, I saw a lot of advantages about 3d printing technology on the Internet, so I searched'Rapid prototyping prototype' Found the extension model and got in touch with Miss Mo, the related business.

They are a very responsible design company, the drawings they designed were printed out to see if they were reasonable and perfect before they were given to their customers. The previous suppliers were too difficult to cooperate, so they came to consult the extension model, there is no cooperation in the previous quotation. Miss Mo learned that their rapid prototyping needs are very much, and she took the drawings they quoted and printed them free of charge to show them our results, they compared the prototype of the extension model with the previous products and found a different place.

previous prototype vendors used cheaper 3d printers rapid prototyping prototype, not only is the accuracy not high, but there will be many problems in printing too complex prototypes, and the extension model is processed by 3d printers imported from Israel, which not only has high processing accuracy, moreover, the surface is relatively smooth, and it can be sprayed with a little polishing. So Mr. Jiang decisively gave up the previous prototype supplier and turned to the embrace of the extension model.

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