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rapide 3d has introduced the rapide lite 3d printer.

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Rapide 3D has launched the latest product, Rapide Lite onIndiegogo.
Rapide 3D printers, scanners and drawing technologies are the result of more than ten years of high-tech development and two and a half years of results in the field of 3D printing.
Recognizing the need to provide consumers with the best opportunities to keep up with the overwhelming technological changes that have taken place in the world, Rapide 3D has directed its resources to create affordable professional 3D printers, this is the core of this new technology.
Rapide Lite Series Printers take this goal one step further by developing a commercial quality but affordable 3D printer series.
Rapide Lite is available in 3 sizes, 200, 350 and 500 mm³, with prices starting below $500 and will be the benchmark market for quality, accuracy and price in the 3D printer market space.
Supporting stylish design, unprecedented synergy Rapide3D printers follow the highest standards of performance and design style, with the goal of getting everyone into the world of 3D printing.
Rapide 3D printer is an innovative, dynamic and fresh design product at an affordable price.
Ethan Hunt, CEO of Rapide 3D, said this is one of the biggest initiatives we have taken in the technology space.
As manufacturers, we believe it is our responsibility to provide consumers with access to the best products and customer service while still offering reasonable prices.
Rapide 3D is about to change the 3D printer market and the global view of 3D printing.
The world is rapidly becoming a place where it is not just a choice, but a phenomenon that exists.
For more information, please visit www. i-rapide-
3d or call 85281776026.
MATERIALISE developed the 3D surgical planning software for Roger Jaeken, plastic surgeon at AZ Heilige Familie (
Dutch family General Hospital)
In Reet, Belgium, the first total knee surgery has been successfully performed, which is done-
Ray knee guide solution.
This new proprietary technology of Materialise allows pre-planning of knee replacement surgery, as well as 3D printing of relevant surgical guidelines, which is the basis for 2D X-ray images.
So far, the technology of combining total knee replacement surgery planning in virtual 3D software environment with 3D printing of corresponding patients
Specific surgical guidelines require a CT or MRI scan of the patient\'s knee.
These imaging methods are only used in all knee replacement procedures.
Materialise, a pioneer in the broad application of knee-guided techniques based on CT and MRI, has now developed the next generation of surgical planning and guidance tools for total knee replacement, which will actually be 2D X-
Convert light images to 3D information and solutions. 2D X-
Ray imaging is usually available for all cases of total knee replacement.
I am very excited to be part of this development project. Dr.
Said Roger Jackie.
Ability to work from X
Ray images will make the pre-operation planning process more effective.
This is because, in many cases, patients will no longer need treatment
With CT or MRI scans, lead time will be shortened and more patients will be eligible for preoperative planning.
At Materialise, we started our R & D project, which is our new X-
Shortly after the successful introduction of our CT/MRI-based guidance technology, ray-based technology.
SaysFried Vancraen, CEO of the company, said this is the reason why we continue to work one step ahead of the industry.
We\'re thinking about using our X-
Ray technology is an important milestone in this development plan.
For more information, please visit www. materialise.
Com or call 02 513 2289.
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