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by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-05- 31 08: 01

The development of society has opened up many novel worlds for many people. Many fresh products are born. Let's take robots as examples, such as sweeping robots, deliveryman robots, and so on. As a prototype model manufacturer, Tuowei model has been focusing on making prototypes of various new styles for 18 years. The manufacturer has advanced equipment and professional talents.

many customers who have completed the small holiday every year are newly developed by the company. how Products are sold and busy, procurement in major locations is also seeking supplier cooperation. The purchase of prototype models of robots and cars is mostly. Most of the General buyers who look for prototype models will choose extension models. Because the technology of making robots and car models is already very mature.

as a regular prototype model manufacturer, the extension model is not only mature in production technology, but also thoughtful in service. Generally, after the prototype is made, it will be sent directly to the qc room and quality inspection using the three-dimensional precision detection equipment, greatly reduce the risk of customers and find out the unqualified products in time. Therefore, many small partners who are looking for cooperation with tuowei model will win large orders or receive rewards if the prototype is taken to the exhibition or competition. Therefore, these customers will introduce some new customers to the extension model, which is also the trust of the extension model. Over time, the reputation of the extension model has accumulated, and the technology has become more and more mature. Therefore, compared with the development trend of small factories, regular manufacturers have more advantages.

extension model is a responsible prototype model manufacturer, provide customers with three dimensional accuracy measurement and CTO process coloring and multiple sample confirmations in the United States free of charge. If you want to find a prototype manufacturer like this, it is undoubtedly a good choice to choose the extension model!

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