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The prototype model is trustworthy for 17 years

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-10- 31 17: 44

Hello everyone, which prototype model is good, this problem should be a problem that has plagued the needs of customers. So, let's introduce it to you here. What features should the quality prototype factory have and how to better serve you compared with the small factory. Greatly save your product development costs.

most small factories with backward equipment often report low prices. So as to attract customers to cooperate with the intention to buy goods. The same is true of the prototype produced, and there are often serious deadlines. Or fragile damage. This is a problem that customers are reluctant to encounter. At this moment, the customer thought, which prototype model is good? How to find suppliers with high cost performance.

at this time, we recommend that you choose our company with a plant area of 6000 square meters. There are 55 CNC equipment in the processing workshop, and multiple five-axis machining machines can form complex structures. There are hundreds of people in the production and processing team, which can be shipped in 3 days quickly to provide you with a three-dimensional inspection certificate free of charge. This service is not available in many small factories. We think that the prototype model is good, this question should have an answer.

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