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Zhejiang prototype factory-Choosing a regular manufacturer is more reliable

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-06- 05 08: 59

In today's society, many new products are constantly being developed. Under the trend of equal or equal technology, business should not only focus on improving its professional, but more importantly, fight for services. When a new product is developed, the product will contribute to the society to a certain extent, so it proves that the company must have paid hard work for this product, then we must find a formal Zhejiang prototype factory to complete the mission of making the product more perfect.

as Mr. Yi of the previous period, by searching online'Zhejiang prototype factory' After finding the extension model, I first learned about the extension model on the official website and then launched an inquiry to the customer service to leave the QQ number, and then transferred it to the salesman, duan Gong first got a general understanding of the customer's situation, learned that their company spent a lot of effort to develop a product, and then gave a prototype to a Zhejiang prototype model factory that was not named. After many reminders, the prototype was sent to the hand. As soon as the experiment was done, there were many problems with the prototype.

and then helpless, this experiment can't be done anymore, we can only re-plan to find a formal Zhejiang prototype factory to cooperate. Because the last experience of cooperation filled the customer with preparedness. So Duan Gong invited Mr. Yi to have time to make a decision after the field investigation of the extension model. So a few days later, Mr. Yi and his team came to expand the model. First go to the sample room to visit the sample, then go to the workshop, describe the production process of the prototype, the advantages and services of the extension model. The customer moved his heart and felt that the extension model would be a reliable company, so he made a list.

So, in fact, a regular Zhejiang prototype factory can save customers a lot of heart, there is no need to find a small manufacturer because it is cheaper. Extension model, partner around you!

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