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2013 tech predictions: Drones, 3D printers and

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Enhanced surveillance, floating drones monitoring our every move, printable food, robots replacing the need for doctors and increasing the anger of telecom companies.

According to the promoters and spoilers of the technology industry, these are the technological advances we can expect in 2013.

Internet-connected devices surpassed humans in the first place between 2008 and 2009, but in 2013, we should expect to build a network of more than one billion 'security' cameras, according to Dr. Thomas Frey, futurist and CEO of The Da Vinci Institute.

People may not monitor cameras all the time, but they will allow users to extract data on each camera

But Dr Frey said the network could be at the expense of privacy.

'As we move forward, it seems entirely possible for us to have 100 million people install 10 cameras in their house,' Dr. Frey said . '.

'That was 1 billion cameras.

When you encounter a variety of privacy issues.

'You might have the problem that voyueristic people put them in things like the girls locker room.

'If the camera in your home looks a little overdone, try tracking your every move with a floating drone camera like the size of your fist.

Dr Frey said it is expected to be in 2013.

'At CES last week (

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

He said: 'They show flying small spherical drones as big as your fist, it floats on the head height and looks at you, it will go with you wherever you go. Technology-

Dr Frey said it was 'on the edge of the market explosion '--

All kinds of security benefits can be provided by celebrities and politicians, providing additional security and continuous monitoring.

The futurist says the technology will come in handy, especially in areas of internal conflict such as the Middle East, where politicians have no hiding place.

But like everything, the camera can also be abused and used to monitor or extort people.

'The technology was created with all the right intentions and one can see the possibilities it offers to society, but others have come up with the opposite way to make a lot of money, that's the problem we had, he said.

The government needs to consider adopting legislation to ensure that technology is not abused, Dr. Frey said.

With 3D printing starting to dominate the market, this year will be a year of insecurity and turmoil for manufacturers. ,and .

It won't take long for us to print food, medicine and clothes, Dr. Frey said.

'For example, on the old assembly line of Foxconn in China, Apple's iPhone needs 24 people to touch the product from beginning to end on the production line.

'On Brazil's new automated production line, there are only two people touching it from start to finish, so you can imagine how much Labor will be saved by 3D printing,' he said . '.

The researchers are already working on the food printer Dr. Frey said that it will not take long for you to send your other half to the store to buy a food box because you need to print a nice gourmet dinner.

'One example I give is that if you think about all the apples in an apple tree in the orchard, a lot of apples will be bruised and damaged and will never be put on shelves.

'But if you print out the same stock, you can print out a perfect apple every time,' he said . '.

'You can do the same if you want it to taste like an almond or add extra vitamin C.

In the near future, we will have soup that processors can print and print in.

'Once we are able to print something like this, we can eliminate a lot of shipping anywhere, instead of making something in China and shipping it to Australia, or the US or Europe, you can print it out where you are.

This could have a profound impact on manufacturing powers like China.

Dr Frey also said that 2013 doctors will be replaced by robots this year.

The futurist said the 'gray tsunami' is coming, which means that the existing health care system will not be able to take care of the growing elderly population.

Researchers are already developing a robotic diagnostic system that uses sensors to identify health problems.

Dr. Frey said that these systems provide immediate treatment advice tailored entirely to the patient's physical symptoms, and the next logical step is for pharmacists to work with these systems --

Basically allows the robot to write a script for the necessary drug treatment

GPs is almost not needed at all.

'I welcome the process of eliminating the need for a doctor,' Dr. Frey said . '. 'We bottle-

Things on the doctor's neck, it's not a great way to do things.

'All of these new technologies may eliminate a lot of work because they are usually automated processes performed by humans, but Dr Frey says research shows that there are 2 more for each work that is eliminated by automation

6 jobs by start-up companies.

Not all entertainment and games this year.

Especially if you work for a telecom company.

Richard Giles, Australian strategy director at Adapptor, an app development company, told the news. com.

Au said 'more people will swear on their telecoms companies in 2013,' and due to the influx of smart internet connectivity devices, companies such as Optus and Telstra have a hard time keeping up with the demand for mobile data.

'Mobile networks and Internet providers will work harder to keep up with us and the contact details we really want,' Mr Giles said . '.

As for social media, Mr Giles says the online blunder will only get worse.

'More people will eventually say more stupid things in the news,' he said . '.

'Social media allows us to insert our feet further into our mouths faster with fewer characters.

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